Herbal Medicine Walk: Fold Medicine Workshop



I attended my first herbal medicine workshop hosted by Natasha Richardson of Forage Botanicals held at Surrey Docks Farm. In this workshop we got to make an elderberry syrup for cold dry coughs and a healing balm to relieve flemy chest coughs. We also had a chance to take some fresh air and observe a few plants nearby.

The elderberries are high in anti-inflammatory and if you wanted to tackle other issues, adding other herbs could seal the sweet deal – i.e. add thyme for pain killing on throat (anti-bacterial) or sage as well. Instead of using cane sugar (as it is a immune depressant) you can use coconut sugar/nectar or other sweeteners. Remember – for liquid sweeteners use double the amount. Dosage of the syrup is: 5 ml once a day in normal conditions, when overcome by a cold take: 10 ml up to 6 doses a day.

Apply the balm on the chest, upper back/shoulders and back of neck (avoid eye contact or placing on face). Use the balm when blocked and flemy sinuses show up. Also apply as a steam over face to help. When you are feeling blocked but have no flem then take out the Eucalyptus from the recipe.

Below is a photo gallery of the day.

Photo Gallery


Useful Links/Notes

  • Open education in herbal medicine in the UK – Heartwood
  • Permaculture and gardening techniques – Permablitz London
  • Keep an essential stash of herbs as your Herbal Fist Aid kit.
  • Look into the works of Stephen Buhner.
  • Botanical.com


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