Gems: Ending of Summer


Here is a collection of a few moments I enjoyed over the course of the end of summer – a kind send off to the abundant, giving summer that may just remain a few more weeks longer ❤

Please note that all my food intake are vegan and gluten-free, however, I tend to occasionally cook things suitable only for others meaning some recipes go off from what I would consume myself – but this isn’t often 🙂

A wise note: One dish I have learned to cook and indulge in excessively, warak anab (stuffed vine leaves), has not been photographed but rest assured the next batch will last long enough for the camera to sound ‘click’. In time I wish to learn (and evolve) my favourite childhood dishes of Lebanese/Armenian/Turkish/Egyptian cuisine 🙂

Oh and another thing I got to do (briefly) and didn’t manage to capture was volunteering at my local horse stable to help clean/admire the horses – a wonderfully harmonious and peaceful environment ❤


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