Destination: Bali, Indonesia


It was truly a blast. I travelled to Bali for a month with Thai Airways in mid-May. The flight duration from London (in total) was about 20 hours and we stopped over at Bangkok for 3-4 hours. Side note – the refreshing fragrant cologne in the W/C of the aeroplane was splendid, made that whole situation breathable.

Best thing about Bali  – the smell of incense everywhere.

Setback in Bali – in the span of a month I managed to open only 2 water bottles. They seemed to have been sealed with seriously adhesive super glue…while all the locals effortlessly opened the other 2357927 bottles for me with absolute ease. Epic fail Tamara.


I stayed at 4 different places in Bali, all found on Air BnB. Rocky’s Place in Bingin, Surfhouse Bali in Ungasaan, The Onion Collective in Ubud Centre and Made’s Place in Lodtunduh (Ubud).

Thai Airways

All in all, no complaints. Travel was smooth and easy. You already know about the jackpot of an air freshening cologne in the cabin – hype necessary.

Rocky’s Place, Bingin

Bingin is such a lovely area but the one let down in staying here was that the metered taxis (Bluebird taxis) don’t collect from here (only drop off) so if you can’t ride a scooter and need to get around you will most definitely get ripped off. Most accommodation can hook you up with decent scooter deals if you bargain though so just build your scooter skills before getting here or work your way round it too I guess 🙂 Whatever makes you feel safe. Rocky’s Place was real basic but real easy, beach is just footsteps away – good vibes.


Surfhouse Bali, Ungasaan

This place holds a very soft spot in my heart. No doubts, I will be returning. Incredible host, vibe and location. Everything is near enough by scooter and a perfect place to practise your first spins.


The Onion Collective, Ubud

I was only here for 3 nights and for my liking it was long enough. Great atmosphere for socialites and backpackers (located right in the centre of Ubud) but I was out for chill vibes throughout. Really friendly and helpful staff.


Made’s Place, Lodtunduh (Ubud)

Spent 3 nights here and it was really lovely. Peaceful and scenic, an easy scooter ride away from everything. The host was incredibly helpful and also the house dog was an absolute charm, Mochii!



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